Friday, August 6, 2010

water distressed bloom tutorial

These Chrysanthemums are a variation of all the pretty flowers I have seen other artists create using water. For these I used my Quickutz Silhouette and the jagged edges "nesting flower" file. The pink flower on my layout is done with plain pink Bazzil cardstock. The variegated flower shown along side it in the photo above is the one I use in my step-by step instructions.
I began by creating my own patterned paper with Tattered Angels screens, shades of pink and red Glimmer Mist and a sheet of plain white card stock. It's pretty wild looking and not something I would ever use except to make these flowers.


I waited for my sheet of patterned paper to completely dry before running it through my Silhouette. I learned that impatience doesn't pay if you try to cut it too soon. Even if it is just barely damp, the blade will just chew it up. This flower could easily be made by tearing your circles if you don't have a cutting machine.

For the fuller flowers I used all 8 sizes and layers from the nesting flower. For the flatter flowers I only used 4. I love the way you can vary the look of your flower just by changing the number of layers.


I had a nearly empty bottle of cream colored Glimmer Mist that I filled with water to spray my paper and it delivers just the right mist with the added benefit of a little left over glimmer. You don't want to get the paper too wet or it tears and takes forever to dry.


I also like to tear 5 petals in the circle for extra ruffles. I took a photo, but it has been raining every day and some of my pictures didn't turn out.

POKE HOLES in the center of each circle and beginning with the smallest, INSERT BRAD and FOLD and squish the circle around the brad until each circle is folded up around the center. Secure the brad.

GENTLY UNFOLD your flower.

When the flower has completely dried, ink the edges and use your ink pad to fluff up the layers.

Attach flower to leaf base. This base is a flower daisy I cut with my Silhouette, dampened and crumpled just as I did the flower circles.

And here are the same flowers except smaller using patterned paper.

You can use this same method
to create a vast assortment of flowers by using different flower patterns, layers, sizes, papers and folding techniques. Here are a few I made today using several different patterns.

These remind me of water lilies and also utilize a nesting flower file from Silhouette.

These roses are made with a scallop circle. The small ones above are made from the smaller scallops and use 8 of the same size. It makes for a very full flower. The smaller ones below used the larger scalloped circle shown, 2 large, 2 medium and one small. The large pink ones have just 2 circles. I added twine, a Petaloo flower and button to the center of one and left the other with just the brad showing to decorate later depending on the layout.

Sun flowers
These flowers use the flower daisy Silhouette file, which is also the file I used to create the leaf base.


Pat Yahner said...


Thanks for posting this tutorial. These flowers are gorgeous. I have a Silhouette, which I don't use as much as I should. I am going to have to try these.


Vija said...

these flowers are amongst the most beautiful handmade flowers I have seen yet. I usually just look & admire handmade flowers but put the actual making of them in the 'too hard' basket! your tutorial has really inspired me to give these a go.thanks for being so kind to share these with us!

Sandi Smith said...

Wow!!!Aren't you creative!Your flowers look amazing and great tutorial!

Dara Lynn said...

I'm with Pat who commented first. I have a Silhouette and get lost in all the files I have purchased and should use more than I do!! I LoooooVVVEEE those flowrs. Somehow, I can hear you singing away in your "flower garden" of beautiful creations!!! They are all so pretty!!!! I love how you made your own patterned papers and thanks for the tip on not rushing that through the machine. Jackie, I always love reading your blog... you have so many SKILLZ!!!!!! PS I have gotta do the same thing with my Webster work up what I have let so I can order the new fall lineup!!!

Angelica said...

This is awesome Jackie!!! TFS!!!!!!!!

Vicky Alberto said...

gorgeous girl, love these

Karen said...

beautiful flowers and great tutorial, well done!!!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Jackie!!! these are GORGEOUS!!!! I will totally be trying this out...even though I don't have the silloutte :) ...but I think I can manage tearing or cutting out the shapes!! Great job on your tutorial, so well explained!

~Gabi xx

Vija said...

I don't have a Silhouette, but I used my MM slice and I have surprised myself with the results. Thankyou again for making YOUR instructions clear and simple for scrapping dodo's like me easy to follow & understand.

Belinda said...

Prima has nothing on you! Wow, these are stunning. I am off to give this a try. I love the fact that with this technique you can make flowers to match your page.