Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camp Jackson Trail

We had such a relaxing time on this year's annual family camp trip. No kids this year, just my mom, dad, two brothers and Russ and I. Since Mom and Dad have been asked to serve as camp hosts at the Blue Mountain Ranch our site has changed the past couple of years from the Boulder Mountains to the Abajo. Abajo is Navajo for Blue, which is what I grew up calling the gorgeous mountian range of my home town. It was so lush and green this year from a year of heavy snow fall, and the afternoons continued to contribute moisture as brief thunder storms rolled in and out. We were caught in one on our way home from this ride! Lucky for us that the trail proved to be a bit rougher than anticipated and we turned around at a spot that looked too dangerous and were well on our way back to camp when it hit.

The top photo is of my dad at the trail head on our way up, and the bottom photo is of Russ and I, with Dad behind, on our way back down. Russ would not have turned around. For him 4-wheeling is all about the challenge of the terrain and the machine. For me and my family it is more about the scenery and getting to places where even a jeep can't go. I have been on some pretty hairy rides with Russ and have learned to insist on getting off and walking in some stretches, which is how I got this series of photos on the second page.

Enjoy the Journey

You may have noticed that I love flowers! The only problem with flowers is that they are bulky and take up a lot of space on the page and in the album. Since both my sister and I are running out of storage space, I am challenging myself to make more flat pages with multiple pictures. I so admire artists that have mastered this style and will be looking to some of my favorites, like Q-diggity, Gumpgirl, and Pammy from for inspiration. As you can see, I need all the help I can get!

These two pages feature My Mind's Eye "Little Boy Blue 'Rough and Tough' Noisy" collection. The embellishments are Silhouette cuts. The clouds are hand cut from one of the patterned papers. I did the faux stitching with Zig Writer and Signo white gel pens. I also used the thick end of the Zig writer to outline the photos, which I find helps define them on patterned paper without having to frame them in cardstock. The buttons and tiny alphabets are by Making Memories.

Thanks so much for joining me on this little adventure.

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Kimberly Anne said...

I love this design! What a great challenge for yourself to make flat pages. I also find flowers and dimension to be so pretty and sometimes necessary when creating a layout. But in this case, this design is perfect. Simple, but perfect! Great job!