Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had to laugh when visiting my favorite scrap booking site ( where I read the description under a layout of the extremely talented artist, Madscrappertoo. She has such a distinctive modern, grunge type style, but said she was trying to step out of her box and do something pretty; something she finds so hard. She did it beautifully I might add. "Pretty" is what comes easily to me. Give me flowers, swirls and lace and I'm off and running. Cute, masculine, modern, now that's an entirely different story. I often marvel at the versatility of artists like my dear friend Luzma who can move so comfortably from style to style. I do so love cute papers, and they don't come much cuter than this IMAGINISCE Lucy Bird collection, so this is me stepping out of my box again. I also used a MARTHA STEWART border punch, some pink fabric glue, and a bee sticker made by SANDYLION.

The photo is of my cousin Elizabeth and her family. "Ibby" and I are just a year apart in age (she's older! LOL) and so have been buddies all of our lives.


Luz Maria Bruna said...

Wow dear Jackie what a big compliment but it`s true.I love to try different styles.I`ve mine but it`s always a challenge to do layouts like your style but I love because they`ve a lot of work and techniques.
Looove this Lo it`s so pretty and bright!!! fantastic work.You see you can do any style because you`re such a great artist!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

I can't do modern and clean. Or harsh bright colors but it is fun to try and step of out our boxes. We grow a little each time. This one miss Jackie is superb!