Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love to scrapbook.

Please allow me to introduce you to my shadow, DC, our Burmese Velcro kitty. "DC" originally stood for "Devil Cat." Russ picked her out at the animal shelter and named her partially for her color and partially because he likes the band "ACDC" and our yellow tom cat, Arthur Cat, is the "AC" part of the equation. The two of them have an electric relationship that reminds me of the one my oldest two sons had as youngsters. Just 13 months apart in age, they could not be more different in appearance and personality. Bryant has been the strong, silent type since he was a baby while Ben has always been a tease from hell. He would pester and torment his big brother until Bryant had taken all he could and then Ben would run to me to save him from the wrath he eventually incurred.

Since DC has always been at the bottom of the pecking order, it used to be that when she came tearing across my lap with Arthur on her heels, I would capture him and toss him out the door to save her. It was some time before I realized that this was Ben and Bryant all over again. I witnessed Arthur walk innocently past DC, who was perched on the couch, and watched as she reached out, took his tail between her paws and bit! Then she came running to me for help when he responded!

The pecking order came into question when our long haired Birman, Duchess, had her first hair cut. Being the eldest, and royalty, she was accustomed to ruling the roost. Her long hair and big lions' ruff helped her pull this off since it camouflaged her size and lent her dignity. She was 13-years old at the time of her first hair cut and it was entirely due to the matted condition of her hair which could no longer be combed. I was, myself, shocked at how tiny she is underneath all that fur!

If you don't believe cat's have emotions then you have not seen a humiliated, shorn alpha duchess! She was as embarrassed as anyone caught naked and retreated to her throne, (the back of our recliner), with a defensive glare. DC, the hero of this narrative, went strolling by, caught a glance of Dutch out of the corner of her eye, and I swear to god, stopped short in her tracks, backed up, sat directly in front of her highness and gazed with rapt bemusement until Dutch could stand it no more and hissed. Completely unruffled, DC rose at her leisure, raised her tail with the air of someone newly promoted and strode away with a new confidence and authority in her stride!

While I enjoy her companionship while we scrap together, I must be extremely diligent in closing DC out of our scrap room while I am away since she prefers the entire house as her canvas for her independent work.

On this collaboration we used BASIC GREY "max @ whiskers" collection pack, along with our won flourishes created with transparency paper, fabric glue and patterns scanned from Prima flourishes as well as some PETALOO blooms. We used FISKARS deco-edge scissors for the circle border. A special thank you to the talented NikkARNGwife @ Scrapbook.com from whom I lifted this design.

DC and I thank you for stopping in and sharing in our fun!


Anna C said...

Hi Jackie!

I just love the story behind your lo on DC. It really made me laugh! And I needed a laugh too! Your layout is so pretty...as always.

I saw where you are the guest designer over at MCS. Many congrats to you and I am so excited for you. I can hardly wait to see your creations. I hope you are doing some for the main kit too. Can't wait to get my kit even though the March and April kits are still in their boxes.

Have a good afternoon! Anna C

Debbie said...

What a funny story! I chuckled as I read it. I do believe that cats as well as dogs do have emotions. I use to have a version of AC and DC many years ado. I no longer have them in life and could only image the mess they would make in my scrapbook room. Love what you have captured in your pictures and love the paper! I ordered some it and just got it today.

Vanessa said...

LOL! The emotion that amuses me the most with my cat is when she misjudges a leap to the top of the fence and almost falls off. She definitely looks highly embarrassed--looking around like 'I hope nobody saw that'. Much like myself when I fell in a parking lot last week! I just posted a cat scrap page this morning too, incidentally!