Thursday, April 8, 2010

making the most of your paper

When I began scrap booking I used a ton more paper than I needed to until I figured out a few simple tricks that helped save me paper and money, so if I can help any of you do the same I will be delighted. I made my "Greek festival" layout with just 1 piece of card stock, 1 piece of double-sided patterned paper and a circle left over from my "sun down" layout. Here are the steps to help you do the same.

1) This is my piece of apricot card stock, though it looks tan here. I began by using the patterns I traced using my nesting kitchen bowls and traced and cut out the biggest circle, using my craft knife to begin the cut so it stayed in 1 whole piece. I then traced and cut out the next biggest circle, also using the pattern made with my bowls. Next, I used my Memory Makers circle cutting system to cut the ring and smallest circle.

2) I cut the patterned paper into the bracket shape using a pattern I previously traced onto card stock from a purchased piece of card stock. I always make patterns with interesting die cuts in this manner so I can use them over and over again. Then I used my circle cutting system to cut the circle and ring from the middle.

I then begin to layer beginning with the apricot card stock.

4) Then my patterned paper bracket shape. I can note here that I can choose either side of the this patterned paper depending on my preference.

5) Next comes the large ring of apricot card stock. I should also note that I distress and ink each of these layers as I go, though I didn't do so for these photos. I also prefer begin my layers on a sheet of white card stock because it gives the back a smoother surface that slides more easily into the protective sleeve, but it's not necessary.

6) Now I add the circle left over from my "sun down" layout. It should be noted that this circle too is from patterned paper and either side could have been used.

7) It is at this point that I began really weighing my options. I tried out each of the following with my photo before settling on the option in the last photo. With my choice, I used up all of the patterned paper pieces, but had the small ring and circle from the card stock left. I used the circle for backing on my pop-up embellishment and saved the ring for future use.

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