Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Color Room #11


This is Ray, my sister's goldendoodle and my all-time favorite dog! He is the most laid back, surfer dude dog you are likely to meet, though not the brightest. My sis and I were sitting on the patio drinking our morning coffee the first time I met Ray, watching him trying to get a toy from his companion, Shelby. Shelby is Ray's polar opposite, a high strung, highly intelligent, extremely territorial and intimidating white German Shepard. You can read her utter contempt for Ray quite clearly in her expression. Although Ray is twice her size, she clearly rules the roost. When Ray was able to get the toy by sheer happenstance, he was so delighted by his fortune that he protected it the only way he could, he plopped down on top of it protecting it with the sheer force of his size! It was then that Shelby went tearing around the side of the house barking furiously. Catherine and I rose from our chairs to go see what all the furor was about, and naturally Ray did the same. We all passed Shelby running back the other direction heading straight for the toy Ray had abandoned. Her ruse fooled us all!

It would seem that Ray walks like me.

On one of my sister's visits we were out for a walk with Connor and Keilani, who was around 8-years-old at the time, when a car full of high school boys passed us by. We are used to being ignored by boys that age, so were a bit surprised to see them all grinning at us. We were even more surprised when they turned the corner and came by a second time. Catherine and I were starting to feel pretty good about ourselves until we turned to follow their path and saw Keilani walking directly behind me imitating my walk in a "somewhat" exaggerated fashion, the reason for the boy's grins and what had them coming back for a second look! I'm rather famous for the swing in my back yard among my family and friends, who all love this story!

One day my sister called in a fit of laughter. She, Paige and the kids were out for an evening walk with the dogs when Paige noticed something wet spraying her bare legs. She couldn't see where it might be coming from, and asked her mom if she was getting wet too. Looking around to find the source they saw a zig zag pattern in Ray's wake, who could not be bothered to lift a leg on their adventure and had just let loose as they walked. Noticing the the extreme back and forth pattern of his spray, Keilani chirped in that Ray walks just like Aunt Jackie! That child!!!!!

This week's palette at The Color Room had me digging through my stash for papers I have had in there for years! This All My Memories "couture" pp fit the bill perfectly. I added coordinating card stock, Prima flowers and pearls, a Silhouette cut outlined with liquid pearls, a Martha Stewart border punch and some doodling with a white Signo gel pen.


Sandi Clarkson said...

AW, such a great story or bunch of stories actually. I love this pallette and wish I could play this week but probably won't be able to fit it in .. work is a bear right now. Any who .. great job on the layout .. and such great photos!

Candy said...

I really am laughing out loud as I write this. Awesome story and really awesome layout. What would we all do without our furry best friends. Aloha!!!