Saturday, June 5, 2010

MORE My Creative Scrapbook June Limited Edition


This picture of Brooke and my sister ready for Paige's graduation from the University of Arizona makes me so happy because they are so happy! I wish our culture didn't make it so hard to follow one's heart when its path is just a wee bit different than the norm so that people didn't have to suffer as they struggle to accept themselves and find acceptance in society. I am also so grateful for the distance we have traveled since my two great-uncles had to live closeted, lonely and afraid. To see my sister creating a family on the foundation of love and honesty that shines in their faces in this photo is a mile stone that brings me so much hope... hope that my dear baby brother will also find the love and lasting relationship for which he longs and that both he and my sister will one day be recognized as equal citizens under the Constitution. My sister and her family are just as legally and morally entitled to the same civil protections and rights as any other citizen under the marriage contract. No one can tell me that Brooke, Catherine, Paige, Connor and Keilani are not a family like so many others in this country with a step-parent and a father sharing love and responsibility for the children. The only difference is that as a society we refuse to honor the constitutional protections she and others like her deserve.

This is the 6th page using the June Limited Edition kit from MY CREATIVE SCRAPBOOK. The only things I added from my own stash are the 2 pink Prima roses.


This layout of Paige and one of her friends is actually the last one I did with the kit and so has the least kit elements. The patterned papers, alphabets and sticker border are from the kit and everything else is from my own stash.

The gorgeous stick pin and dragonfly are gifts made by my dear, generous and talented friend Fran, also know as Quicksilver at Thank you Fran! I wish the dragonfly showed up in my photograph as beautifully as it does in real life.


My sister, nieces and nephew at Paige's college graduation.

Everything on this page is original to the kit but the flowers and Silhouette cuts, which I decorated with my own Stickles.


Know how I know that I am Paige's favorite aunt? You guessed it! I am her only aunt, at least on her mother's side, and those on her dad's side have lived too far away to be very active in her life.

The patterned papers on this layout are all from the kit, and the Prima flower stem is a gift from the owner for guest designing this month. Thank you Pam. The journal tag and strips are also part of the kit, and everything else is from my own stash. For just under $40, these kits are one heck of a deal if you ask me!

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